Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Dominican students are provided with the support they need to navigate their course load. Academic support programs are readily available for any student who needs assistance.

Mazzuchelli Academic Center

The Mazzuchelli Academic Center (MAC) offers a broad range of resources and services to Dominican students and faculty.  The MAC staff works with our students and faculty to offer support in the following areas:

  • Student Resource Center Services
  • Tutoring Services
  • Faculty Tutoring
  • Small group and independent work areas
  • Small class presentation areas
  • Technology Support

Mazzuchelli Academic Center

  • The Mazzuchelli Academic Center (MAC) provides services and resources for qualifying students who need additional academic skill reinforcement (Applied Learning Strategies class).
  • Applied Learning Strategies Course: Freshman and sophomore students that are assigned to the MAC will work 1 on 1, and in small groups to improve their work habits and study skills. Placement in this course is made by recommendation from DHS Administration only. For more information on this program please contact our Dean of Students, Nate Friday, at

Tutoring Services

  • Student and adult volunteers are available at varying points of the school day to assist students with their academics

Faculty Tutoring

  • Faculty members are available during Dominican’s lunch/flex hour to assist students who may need assistance in researching a topic, math, science, or in writing a research paper.

Technology Support

  • Students who are in need of technology assistance will have access to students and faculty members who are trained in identifying and addressing any issues with a student’s laptop or in helping with a technology project that a student might be working on.


For more information, please contact School Counselor, Jordan Shutta at

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