College Counseling

College Counseling

Our Counseling Department has created an extensive 4-year college planning program for each student that begins freshmen year with some initial planning/college research and culminates senior year with a final decision regarding their post-secondary education. Specific information regarding our College Research and Application Program can be found on our College Research Home Page.

College Prep Counseling Timeline

This timeline is a guide for what you should start doing each year to prepare for college applications senior year.  These are activities you should continue to do and work on throughout high school with the guidance of your counselor.

  • Introductory Individual Parent Meetings
  • Goal Setting
  • Resume Building
  • Understanding Grades, Transcripts, and the College/Career Research
  • Individual Career/College Meetings
  • Career Classroom Lesson
  • Personalized Career Assessment
  • College Research, Course Planning for Goals
  • Individual Parent College Planning Meetings
  • ACT Test Prep Course
  • College Essay Writing Workshops
  • College Applications
  • Individual Student Meetings as Needed

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