Our school counselors implement group and individual counseling, academic/college planning, and the delivery of school counseling curriculum.  Programming at each grade level is tailored to fit the unique and developmental needs of students at that time.

Our counselors also provide short-term counseling in times of crisis and are trained to identify and respond to student mental health needs.  They assist students and families by providing resources and referrals to outside help when necessary.

The counseling department offers:

  • Academic advising
  • Course/schedule planning
  • College/career planning
  • Mental health counseling (short-term)
  • Crisis intervention and referrals


  • Course Guide

    Dominican offers a wide variety of courses to give a strong educational foundation.

  • Graduation Requirements

    Dominican students are required to complete 26 credits to be eligible for graduation.

  • AP & Advanced Classes

    Dominican offers a total of 27 AP & Advanced classes that help you prepare for education at the next level.

  • Powerschool

    Keep up with your student’s grades and homework on their PowerSchool page

College Counseling

  • Timeline

    A guide for what you should start doing each year to prepare for college applications senior year.

  • Academic Profile

    An overview of our academic offerings, requirements and grading scale.

  • Matriculation

    Dominican's students go on to attend these prestigious colleges and universities.

  • Standardized Testing

    All students at Dominican will partake in our 4 year testing program, designed to prepare students to be successful on these assessments.

  • For Families and College Reps

    Important information for families planning for college

Mental Health Counseling

  • Role of the Counselor

    Dominican’s Counseling Department works with each student and family to help navigate the academic, personal, social, and emotional experiences that occur throughout the teenage years.

  • Informed Consent

    Counseling is based on a trusting relationship between the school counselor and student, information shared by the student will be kept confidential.

  • Mental Health Resources

    Resources that are available for families in need of support outside of the school day

Meet our Team

Rachel Garry


Nate Friday

Dean of Students

Jordan Shutta

School Counselor
Freshmen, Sophomores

Abby Young

Director of Counseling
Juniors, Seniors
(414) 332-1170 ext. 140
(414) 332-1170 ext. 160
(414) 332-1170 ext. 141
(414) 332-1170 ext. 142

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