Prayer & Liturgy Team

This highly dedicated group of students meets weekly, focusing on enriching the prayer and spiritual life of the Dominican community. This includes planning our monthly All School Liturgies and weekly Tuesday lunch hour Liturgies and facilitating annual Advent and Lenten programming. This team’s mission is to ensure that prayer is not an add-on, but a truly integrated component in the daily lives of our community members.

Prayer and Liturgy team members craft petitions for our Masses, discern music, organize sacramental opportunities and make a profound impact on the spiritual life of the school. It is their mission to engage as many students as possible to participate in prayer. On a yearly basis, this team engages the participation of over 100 students in leadership roles at school Masses, including acolytes, servers, and Ministers of Holy Communion. The team also works to maintain a vibrant Catholic Schools Week celebration, create prayerful and reflective Lenten offerings, and prepare each member of the community for Christ’s arrival at Christmas.

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