uKnighted Service Program

The uKNIGHTed Service Program is a 4-year program that challenges students to learn, serve, and advocate for the poor in our community, while discerning their vocation, and deepening their relationship with God through their service.

The uKnighted program does not require students to complete a certain number of service hours per semester or year. But rather, community service work is embedded and integrated in the daily lives of the student body. uKnighted also integrates academic coursework to facilitate students drawing connections between their academic studies, their service to the community, and their growth in faith.

Freshmen Service and Community

Students focus on the Dominican pillar of Community and experience the Freshmen Retreat. Through these experiences’ students develop a basic understanding of the Dominican mission, the values of the Sinsinawa Congregation and their place in the history of the order. Various service, retreat, and classroom experiences guide students to develop a basic understanding of how poverty impacts the whole human person, and how they can contribute to the Dominican community and the world.


Sophomore Service and Study

Students focus on the Dominican pillar of Study and experience the Sophomore Retreat. Through a guest speaker series, service experiences, small group discussions, and the Sophomore Retreat, students engage and study how society treats and provides for various groups of people throughout time. Students begin to discern how they are called to respond to the various needs throughout our community and the world as they develop a basic understanding of social justice.


Junior Service and Prayer

Students focus on the Dominican pillar of Prayer and experience the Kairos Retreat. Through the Kairos retreat, Busy Student Retreat, and other experiential forms of prayer students foster a greater relationship with Jesus Christ. Small Group Discussion and written reflection guide students through discerning their relationship with God and how they can respond to the call of the Gospel using their own unique gifts and talents.


Senior Service Capstone and Preaching

Students focus on the Dominican pillar of Preaching and experience the Senior Retreat. Through student selected service immersion, internship, or other service experiences students develop a proficient understanding of how they are being called to serve their larger community as Christian adults. Through the Senior Retreat and Dominican Capstone seminars students will integrate Dominican spirituality, the lives of Dominican saints, and the pillars of Dominican life into their own faith lives.


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